I'm Jordan. Twenty years old living in Minnesota. Welcome to my Blog.

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relatable gifs and quotes

following back everyone until i find a tumblr gf♡


Acceptance 🙋🔫 #lullabies #langleav #loveandmisadventures

Thanks for posting this lovely xo Lang 

My new book Lullabies is now available via Amazon, BN.com + The Book Depository and bookstores worldwide.

Disneyland during rain, or fog, or darkness is my favorite, it truly looks like a hazy dream.

This has to be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen
    ibsimonova: Hi, Sorry, I don't know your name. My name is Irina. I saw your post with the picture of an underwater tiger. Could you please tell me, how and where can I get a high resolution pictures of "underwater tiger"? I love it so much. I want to print it on a big format for one of my interior design projects. Thank you for any of your help. Best regards, Irina

    I’m not too sure I’m sorry! I just reblogged it. 

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    sunsetgxrl: Hey I am a photography blog it would mean a lot to me if you would please check out my posts. I would really appreciate if you like or reblog my posts too! But I don't expect You it just a check out would be nice thank you for your time.

    No problem! Followed you back :) Hope all is well!!

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